Hi guys!
Yesterday we had another archeological  survey mission accomplished with not one but two Fold-A-Copters!
The weather was all but ideal: strong 30+ kmh wind and temperatures in the 35-40 C°
Neverthless the copters behaved well and the task was performed as programmed!
The goal was to shoot a series of ortho photos for 3D rendering of the site. In addiction some low altitude pictures were required to make the life easier for the graphic software.
It was the right occasion to test the new mounts for quality compact cameras I'm developing for foldable.
The chosen camera are the Canon S95 and the Sony RX100: good image quality in a small package. For the Canon I have the trigger and the live view in a single cable through the CHDK firmware: very neat and effective! The Sony unfortunately has only HDMI output, that involves using an HDMI converter (bulky and heavy ) or an external CCD camera that has to be collimated for framing.
Everything went as programmed and the output images were blurry free and perfectly usable: the camera mount dampened out  any parassite vibration that can be present even in a perfect tuned frame .
It also was the unwanted occasion to test the sturdiness of the frame: my collegue forgot to plug the low battery alarm (!) and, at the end of the juice, the quad came down abruptly on the rocks! A rush to the crash site showed us only two carbon props slightly damaged, the frame was absolutely intact: the folding arms absorbed almost all the impact! The FAQ was immediately ready for the last photo session.

05/23/2014 12:54pm

The smartest most welldesigned big H-foldable frame I have seen and I have spendt many nights and months, searching the net for the good ideas. I have build about 12 - 15 very simple multirotor frames myself small and big Tri's, T's and Quads + one micro H-frame untill now. But the next will be a big one inspired by your clever design. Recently I was close to buying the smart looking TBS-Discovery frame, but avoided in last minute. I have crashed so many times, that I know the arms must be able to flex in the impact, otherwise at least one or two will just break. And the foldable design is very practically too. Happy flying and building ;-)

05/24/2014 12:26am

Thank you for your kind works, emotor. There is a lot of time and effort in this foldable design, but it all payed in terms of reliability and performance. It has been designed as a work horse and it does its job very well! Please feel free to show your inspired frame in this page
Happy flying


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